Tokyo Photo 3.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Sartorialist, as popular as he is in America and Europe, is not much known in Japan - but as these pictures hopefully show, not only was his work much admired, but the stylish visitors to Photo Tokyo were only too happy to pose for me.

A young photographer.

My translator, Wakako Masudo, who is writing her graduate dissertation on Madonna.

A young visitor.

A man with rolled up pants.

Shigeo Goto and Sawako Fukai from G/P Gallery.

Kind of a Harajuku girl.

A man with a black straw hat.

A tall woman in shorts.

A cool character with holes in his T shirt.

Two friends.

Two more friends.

This man's T shirt reads "Summer Madness" with a spider hanging off the "S".

A Comme des Garcons type girl.

A young man with black patent leather sandals.

A young woman with elaborate shoes.

A Japan Airline stewardess and her friend.

The fair organizer, Tomo Harada.


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