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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A hipster grooving to his shadow at the opening night after-party.

It seems silly to try make any sensible pronouncements after six days in a country, four of which were spent in an exhibition hall. Saying how wonderful the people were sounds condescending, especially as at the end of the day, they’re just like us only generally more polite. So I thought I’d sum up with a selection of superficial visual impressions, some taken on my iPhone and some on my Lumix.

And now I’m getting ready to start my 13 week beginner’s Japanese course. (Seriously.) I can’t wait to go back.

Tokyo streets are not marked by name (it’s a complicated system where a location is pinpointed by area) and so this guy was taking turns with his colleagues to hold a sign on Roppongi Street to guide people to the correct turn-off for the fair.

A hotel room begins to seem like home after a few days. Here's the view from my window at the Grand Hyatt Hotel - the best hotel I've ever stayed in.

An unusual looking dog.

The famous Shibuya crossing that seems right out of "Blade Runner".

Sign at the Mori Museum.

Two views of Tokyo from the Mori observation windows.

Louise Bourgeois' spider statue outside the Mori Museum.

The Roppongi Tower.

Armani ads hover over the escalators going into the Roppongi subway station.

Pens displayed at the Isetan department store.

Everything for your desk at the Isetan men's department.

The custom Leica display case at the Isetan men's department.

A bedside light that shines a pinpoint of light so you don't disturb your partner.

The famous Japanese toilets.

My one purchase for myself - fleece lined boat shoes made exclusively for the Japanese market by a Spanish shoe company.

Some details from Ameida, a market round the corner from the exhibition hall where I would buy my lunch.

Magazines with goodies inside at the airport.


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