Claus (not Clause)

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Sadly, after 28 years in a coma, Sunny Von Bulow passed away this week.

Her husband, Claus Von Bulow, was always a dandy, but at the time of his trial (where he was first found guilty of intentionally overdosing his wife with insulin, but subsequently acquitted) he had a smarmy quality that made him quite repellent. Now, however, as this picture in The New York Post shows, he has aged into a fashion plate that I imagine my friend The Sartorialist would love to photograph.

This post is clearly about style, not justice - the point being that news pictures can grab you for all kinds of reason. In this case it's the tilt of the hat, the cut of the coat, the one glove on/one glove off, the cane - more accessory than crutch, even the white beard. But while it's nearly Christmas, remember this is Claus, not Clause!


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