An Unexpected Visit

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Dijkstra by Danziger

As you can see, I had the unexpected pleasure of a visit from Rineke Dijkstra today, in town for the Marlene Dumas show at MoMA, and coming in to see the "Sander's Children" exhibition. (That's her picture in the back on the right and an August Sander she was particularly drawn to on the left.)

Sander, left; Dijkstra, right.

It's always an interesting experience to go round a show with any photographer and other than the Sanders, Rineke's favorites seemed to be the Tubkes, The Sartorialist pictures, and the Avedon of Dylan. When I told her that Sart's pictures were digital she was completely intrigued, going so far as to write down the name of his camera (the Canon 5D).

While I usually feel it's intrusive to take a famous visitor's picture, at this point (and for the sake of the blog) I asked if I could take her picture and then she wanted to see my camera, the Panasonic DMC L-1. But as you'll see from her picture of me, my decision to stop shaving for a couple of days and pull out a shirt from the bottom of the drawer were not in my best photographic interest. Oh well, there's always photoshop.

Danziger by Dijkstra

Lastly, as recommended, I went to the opening of Jorg Colberg's show "Bare" last night where my favorite picture was one that is surprisingly not included on the Mazzeo Gallery website. It's from Jennifer Loeber's series of Brooklyn nudes and aside from the obvious beauty of the subject it's a wonderfully luminous shot.

Jennifer Loeber. Williamsburg #6


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