Monday, October 20, 2008

Ixiana Hernandez is a New York based photographer with a sideline taking portraits of dogs. This is not a field rife with originality or substance, but I think Ixiana is the exception. On her website she says: “It is my goal to create portraits that do not rely on cuteness. I want to create portraits that reflect the dog’s character, and to show the viewer what I see when I look at them.” More than that, though, I think her use of color, lighting, and sharp detail, combined with what is clearly a strong and distinctive eye make them quite impressive as photographs in their own right. Cute but not too cute.

Equally (but differently) cute is Sadie Bay Weller, the daughter of private dealer Ariel Meyerowitz and David Weller, and the granddaughter of the great photographer Joel Meyerowitz. Soon to be two weeks old, young Sadie is set to be a much photographed child, but as these pictures by her grandfather (top picture) and mother (bottom) show, she's already a beauty and a ham!

And last, but not least, my blog-colleague Maegan recently posted these pictures of herself as Tinkerbelle. (Halloween, c. 1980.) I doubt it's possible to come up with a cuter picture from Halloween past but I'll challenge all readers nonetheless.

E-mail your entry to And a surprise Halloween gift to Maegan or whoever trumps these pictures.

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